Drowsy Driving

Posted by Kahla Livelsberger in #YHSafetyTips, Nov 08, 2017

Many jobs in the material handling industry involve driving a company vehicle. With this week being "Drowsy Driving Prevention Week" we thought we would go over how to prevent drowsy driving in your company vehicle.

-Get 7-9 hours of sleep every night
-Do not drive if you have been awake for more than 24 hours
-If you're feeling sleepy drink some water or get a drink with some caffeine
-Pull over and take a quick 20 minute nap if you feel sleepy while driving
-ff you are on a long drive, it is recommended to pull over every two hours or 100 miles for a break
-Develop a good sleeping habit/schedule
-Avoid drinking alcohol or taking medications that make you sleepy
-Before a long drive, get a good nights sleep

-Adults need 7-9 hours of sleep a night
-70 million people are sleep deprived
-Drowzy driving is the number one reason for car accidents
-1 out of 25 adults have fallen asleep while behind the wheel
-Men are more likely to drive drowsy than women
-People tend to fall asleep while driving high speed, long roads, or on rural highways
-1 out of 4 people say they know someone who has fallen asleep behind the wheel
-Drowsy drivers usually "nod" off between the hours of 9 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Warning signs of drowsy driving:
-Difficulty remembering the past few miles driven
-Missing your exit
-Yawning or blinking a lot
-Drifting from your lane
-Hitting the rumble strips on the road

Although it is easier said then done to avoid driving sleepy, it is extremely important to try to follow the tips we have provided for you. We know life gets busy and sometimes it is hard to get your average amount of recommended sleep. But if you think you are too tired to drive, then inform your supervisor or simply ask a coworker to drive for you. It is for your own safety and for others as well.

Read our #YHSafetyTips on Driving Safely here to learn more tips on driving safely.

If you haven't read last week's post on Loading Dock Safety, read it here.

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