Mobile Cart Safety

Posted by Kahla Livelsberger in #YHSafetyTips, Dec 20, 2017

When riding a mobile cart in a warehouse there are many safety features you should follow along with features the cart should have to keep you from hurting yourself. All workers in warehouses spend all their time on their feet which can be extremely painful and harmful to your back. On top of the health benefits of using a mobile cart, it also helps increase productivity and helps you reach your destination faster. However, all riding platforms have common hazards and safety issues that you need to be aware of. In this week’s post, we will go over some safety tips on how to properly use a mobile cart.

Safety Tips
-Have a safety strobe light on the cart
-Ergonomic Handle grips make them easy to hold onto and non-slip
-You shouldn't go faster than you can handle
-When taking corners, you should always slow down first
-You should always keep your back against the rest to help you stay balanced
-Stand with your feet shoulder width apart to help your balance as well
-If it has an emergency brake, make sure to use it when the cart is not in use
-Wheel-locking mechanisms are needed to park a cart
-Do not block any walkways, doors, or exits
-Do not ever park on a slope
-Do not overload your cart
-Always check your cart before use to be sure everything is in working order

Don't use the wrong cart:
Make sure you are using the proper cart for the job you are doing. It wouldn't make sense to use a cart in a congested area.

Keep the cart design in mind:
Never allow a person to ride in the cart. They are for supplies only. Do not overload your cart at any time.

Check the warehouse floor:
The wheels of your cart are important when it comes to the floor you will constantly be working on. You want to be sure they will move smoothly on the surface of the floor.

Using a mobile platform can make your workload easier and safer. It will allow you to get your work done in a timely manner without the physical stress on your body. The Amigo Dex is a great option, as it is very cost effective, easy on your back, has many safety features, and provides a long battery life. Check it out on our website.

If you haven't read last weeks #YHSafetyTips, read it here.

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