Mobile Material Handling Cart Safety

Posted by Melissa Hall in #YHSafetyTips, Sep 12, 2018

Reduce Injuries with Ergonomic Materials Handling Carts

Manual material handling represents the largest source of injuries and workers’ compensation claims in the United States, representing about one-third of all injuries. Manual material handling puts stress on the body in a variety of ways including: lifting, carrying or holding heavy, unbalanced materials; lifting using jerking or fast movements; not using proper lifting technique including twisting your back when lifting materials; and not limiting loads lifted to 50 pounds or less.

Injuries and workers’ compensation claims can be reduced by using ergonomic material handling carts such as the Dex, Dex Pro, Dex Pro+, or Max Pro from Amigo Mobility. An investment in carts from Amigo can help save money by reducing the amount paid out in claims including medical bills, employee wages and lost time due to reduced productivity.

In addition to helping limit manual material moving injuries, Amigo’s Material Handling Carts can reduce forklift injuries or accidents by replacing forklifts with Amigo carts. In the United States there are over 850,000 forklifts currently in operation and 11% of which will be involved in an accident. On average there are 85 fatal accidents per year involving forklifts.

Replacing forklifts with Amigo’s smaller, more agile carts will help keep workers safe on the job. Unlike forklifts, Amigo’s carts require no formal training. Their smaller footprint allows them to pass through small aisles with precision, helping workers safely move materials around more confined areas of warehouses and distribution centers.



Designed to reduce worker fatigue and increase productivity, all Amigo Material Handling Carts are motorized for quick transportation. The Dex, Dex Pro and Dex Pro+ carts allow workers to ride to their destination and offer towing platforms to transport up to 750 pounds of materials. The carts are equipped with an ergonomic handle, safety strobe light, horn, and reverse alert horn. The Max Pro cart replaces traditional platform carts, and is motorized for efficient transportation of loads up to 1100 pounds, reducing strain and fatigue. The Max Pro+ is equipped with an emergency stop button, horn, and reverse alert horn.



The staff at Johnnie’s Restaurant & Hotel Service in Chambersburg, PA was searching for an easier method to transport cases of food, beverages, and supplies up a steep ramp from the warehouse into Johnnie’s store. Read more about how the Amigo Max Pro helped imrpove their material handling efficiency in this month's case study.

Interested in learning more about all Amigo Material Handling Carts from YorkHoist? View a comparison of all models.

For a limited time, save 10% when you purchase 3 or more Amigo carts directly from YorkHoist.


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