Painting Safety

Posted by Kahla Livelsberger in #YHSafetyTips, May 09, 2018

There are many safety issues you should be aware of when painting - whether it's before you paint, during, or after. We are going to go over a wide range of preventive tips to help you remain safe while painting.

Working at Heights
Use ladder safety while painting. There are different regulations based on the height you will be working at. Check out our blog post on Ladder Safety to learn more.

Slip, Trips, and Falls
While painting it is easy to trip with all of the supplies that will be laying around. Make sure you clean up after yourself and you keep everything organized. Watch your step as you walk and do not leave anything out that can spill.

Always wear PPE. While painting you can come in contact with mold, and breath in toxins. It's important to keep your eyes, hands, and skin safe from chemicals.

Exposure to Hazardous Toxins
All paints, thinners, and solvents must be kept in fire-resistant covered containers when not in use and anything that you spill you should clean up immediately.

Exposure to Flammable Materials
-Sparking equipment and tools must not be used while painting
-Only explosion-proof lights can be used
-Be sure to have fire extinguishers handy
-All motors and control equipment must be explosion proof
-PPE must not produce static electrical sparks

Standing for Long Periods
You need to rest and take frequent breaks while painting. Doing continious motions can strain your body quickly.

Heavy Lifting
Proper lifting should be used while painting and moving heavy objects around. Check out our post on Proper Lifting to be sure you are lifting correctly.

Exhaust Ventilations
-Adequate ventilation must be maintained in storage, mixing, and transfer areas while painting
-Ventilation must be continued after painting is complete until the space or compartment is gas free


While painting be sure that you:
-Do NOT paint wiring
-Do NOT paint lights
-Do NOT paint damaged cords or any wiring
-Do NOT paint anything that gets hot

If you haven't read last week's post on Power Outage Safety, check it out!


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