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Posted by Kahla Livelsberger in #YHSafetyTips, May 23, 2018

Usually when accidents happen in the workplace, it is the fault of the person involved in the accident. You need to be responsible for yourself and know the reasons as to why accidents happen in the workplace in the first place. In this week's #YHSafetyTips we will go over 11 of the top most common reason workplace accidents happen.

Repetitive Motion: When you are doing the same motions over and over again - day in and day out, it becomes routine and you do not have to think about what you are doing. This can be a safety hazards because you do not have to pay attention as much because you are basically on auto pilot. This is a huge factor in injuries that occur.

Awkward Posture: We now live in a world where there are ergonomic versions of everything you can buy. It is very important to have everything you need for your body to be comfortable while preforming your tasks. You should not have any strain on your body.

Taking Shortcuts: After doing the same thing at work everyday, you learn the ins and outs of a job and sometimes try to take shortcuts. Sometimes it is unintentional, sometimes on purpose. Either way, try to do everything the right way to stay safe.

Overconfidence: Confidence is something everybody should have, but sometimes it can be a bad thing in the workplace. When you are over confident it can effect your job. You cannot have the attitude that you are so good at your job that you do not have to try. That will lead to carelessness and accidents.

Lack of Recovery Time: Being a hard worker is always a good thing. Although, taking a break from your job here and there is very important. That includes taking a break everyday. Taking breaks does not mean you are lazy or that you want to get away from your job. You need breaks to break your body out of that constant motion so it doesn't become too repetitive.

Forceful Movement: An example of forceful movement would be lifting heavy, constantly. Or using your wrists to use a tool in the same constant motion. Try to take breaks or use tools to alleviate the stress from your body.

Uncomfortable Environmental Conditions: Whether its too hot or too cold in the workplace, you need to take precautions and dress for the temperature. If it is too hot you can become dehydrated and very drowsy, leading to you being less alert. In cold environments you could get hypothermia or frost bite. On top of the temperature, your work environment could be uncomfortable in other aspects such as sound and lighting. Wearing PPE can prevent you from damaging your eyes or ears.

Stressful Work Organization: Not being organized at work and before jobs can cause a lot of stress and not being prepared, along with stress cause lead to risk of accidents.

Poor, or Lack Of Housekeeping: Keeping your workplace clean and organized is a no-brainer when it comes to safety, but at times when you are busy and that is the last thing you are worrying about it can be forgotten. Set a designated time to clean and organize to help prevent injuries in the workplace.

Neglecting Safety Procedures: Having monthly safety meetings should be an essential thing in the workplace. Having everyone on the same page about safety regulations can prevent injuries. Sometimes workers ignore safety procedures to get things done quicker. This could result in injuries as well.

Distractions: Distractions in the workplace happen everyday. Whether it is because you have too much on your plate, you are trying to execute too much at a time, or just because you simply cannot focus on your tasks. It is important to do all of the above things so that you are not distracted and can avoid being injured.

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