Safe Use of Fall Protection

Posted by Kahla Livelsberger in #YHSafetyTips, Nov 22, 2017

Your workers could fall no matter the height into machines and equipment. It is very important to supply fall protection for your workers as well as guardrails and toe-boards. Workers must have fall protection on them if they are working more than 6 feet in the air. If you are working on scaffold, then the height is 10 feet. In this weeks blog we are going to go over some tips on how to be safe while using fall protection and tips about PPE in general.

Make Sure Your Fall Protection is Inspected
Fall protection needs to be inspected regularly and also before you use it every time.

Make Sure You Know Your Fall Distance
You need to be sure you have the correct size fall protection before using. The distance needs to include the length of your lanyard when deployed, your body length below the D-ring and any sag in your harness and anchor system.

Use Guardrails
Installing rails for your workers gives them extra protection from falling. This is the easiest way to keep them safe.

Be Sure To Choose The Correct Anchor Point
The anchor point must support the weight of the person plus 5000 lbs. per person that is attached to the anchor point.

Select The Proper Fall Protection
When choosing PPE for your workers you have to think about the heights they are working at and that they can properly adjust their harness to fit them. Every situation is different and fall protection is not a one size fits all.

Be Sure To Choose The Best Protection For The Job
Sometimes you could use scaffolding, sometimes a lift will work better for a job. Depending on the lift and height of the job you may have to wear protection. So be sure you know the job ahead of time so you know what PPE to use for the job. To learn more about scaffolding safety check out our blog post here.

Using Ladders Properly
There are many wrong ways to use a ladder and many guidelines as well. Check out our #YHSafetyTips on Ladder safety to learn more.

You have to make sure your employees are trained properly. Not using your fall protection properly can result in serious injuries or even death. It is also required by law that anyone using fall protection is trained prior.

Check Your Harness
Every single time you put on your harness it needs to be inspected first. Check your straps for wear, check every buckle, every plastic fitting, and every grommet. When you put on your harness make sure no straps are twisted or tangled. After you have the harness on make sure it is fitted properly. You do not want any of the straps too loose. A good way to check to make sure the straps are too loose or too tight is to slide an open hand under a strap and your leg, but you shouldn't be able to use a fist.

Proper Lanyard Usage
You need to pick the correct lanyard for the height that you will be at. After selecting the proper lanyard you need to be sure you attach it correctly. Make sure it is attached to your D-ring.

Check For The "Red Tag"
If you notice a red tag sticking out of the webbing of the lanyard that means that it has been involved in a fall and should not be used.

Checking your PPE and using your fall protection correctly is extremely important, as it could result in death. Regular inspections should be done on your PPE. YorkHoist will gladly inspect your fall protection for you. To learn more about our Inspection Packages, check out our Guardian Assurance Packages page.

To view our fall protection equipment go here.

Fall Rescue Plan

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