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Posted by Kahla Livelsberger in #YHSafetyTips, Mar 22, 2017

When it comes to safety signs they have three main classifications. Caution, Warning, and danger. The signs shouldn't cause danger themselves. They must be rounded around the edges and not be able to harm you in anyway. The signs have to grab your attention but not distract you from the actual hazard itself.

CAUTION: This sign is always yellow and means if you don't obey this sign results could be minor or moderate. Usually they are used for unsafe practices. These signs must be hung around the hazard area.

WARNING: This sign is always orange and could result in death or serious injury. Although, not a risk enough to need a “DANGER” label.

DANGER: This is the most serious type of classification. It is for the most serious hazards.This is the sign that means death or serious will occur if you do not take the precaution. These signs must be place where the hazard will cause danger or where the precaution should occur.

Besides having different classifications for the safety signs, they are also different types of signage; Notice, General Safety, Admittance, Fire Safety, & Non-Hazard.

NOTICE: These signs are to give out information. They would be used in areas such as around machines, buildings, work areas, or any equipment. A good example would be a “Non-Smoking” sign.

GENERAL SAFETY SIGNS: These signs are for safety related messages. Usually they have to do with health or medical things. An example would be “an emergency eye wash station” sign.

ADMITTANCE: These signs are to alert people not to go in restricted areas. An example would be “CAUTION, Keep Out!”.

FIRE SAFETY: These signs are too notify people of fire exits and equipment.

NON-HAZARD SIGNS: All of these signs are for general safety that are non-hazardous. An example would be a restroom sign.

OSHA standard 1910.145(f)(4) states that “the sign’s signal word – “Danger”, “Caution”, etc – to be readable from at least five feet away.”

To read more about safety signs and the standards you should follow in the workplace check out the links provided below. Visit our safety products on our website here to keep you and your employees safe at work.


If you haven’t read our blog post last week on scaffold safety check it out here. Next week we will be writing about tornado safety.

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