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Posted by Kahla Livelsberger in #YHSafetyTips, Jan 03, 2018

This week, we’re going to take a look back at our top #YHSafetyTips from 2017 with a recap of each post. You can view all of our posts here.

10.) Loading Dock Safety
Loading docks are a hazardous place where proper inspections, usage, and rules must be followed every time a load is loaded or unloaded from a trailer. Failure to do so can result in injuries, death, damage to product, and/or equipment. Injuries happen when forklifts run off the dock, products fall on employees, or equipment strikes a person.
Loading Dock Safety Post

9.) Ear Protection
Protecting your hearing is important! Long exposure to high dBA’s of noise will affect your overall hearing leading to permanent hearing loss. We'll go over several of the regulations that OSHA has put in place in order to proect workers hearing at different sound levels.
Ear Protection Post

8.) Vehicle Emergency Items
You drive your company vehicle safely and know how to respond in many situations, but what should you keep in the vehicle at all times? We go over items that you will need in your vehicle, when you should use them (in some cases, there could be many uses), and some optional items that could be excluded but worthwhile if you have the funds to stock them.
Vehicle Emergency Items Post

7.) Appropriate Attire
It is very important to protect yourself while you’re working. One of the most important things that you can do is to wear the proper protective equipment for the environment that you are going to be working in. OSHA has a lot of rules for application, design, and training of proper use for safety equipment.
Appropriate Attire Post

6.) Power Tool Safety
Using tools that run on electricity, pneumatic, liquid fuel, powder actuated, or hydraulic power can be very dangerous and certain precautions need to be taken in to consideration. Like wearing protection and the appropriate attire for the job.
Power Tool Safety Post

5.) Drowsy Driving
Many jobs in the material handling industry involve driving a company vehicle. Getting enough sleep before work and make sure you are responsible enough to pull over if you are too sleepy to drive. Drinking water can help wake you up during a long drive.
Drowsy Driving Post

4.) Safety Cabinets
Just about every company can find a use for Safety Cabinets. They are a solution to many of the regulations set forth by OSHA and other organizations for chemical storage, fire codes, and even security. Safety Cabinets also help your employees stay organized which helps boost efficiency.
Safety Cabinets Post

3.) Foot Protection
Protecting the very things that carry you everyday is an important thing to do. Steel toe boots are required at most industrial workplaces because of the protection they provide. If steel toe boots are forgotten, there is another alternative, toe guards.
Foot Protection Post

2.) Cell Phone Safety
Cell phone safety is not something to take lightly. Especially when operating a company vehicle or when it comes to sharing important company information. There are many tips to ensure that you and your employees are safe while using a cellular device. Some of these tips may come off as common sense to some people while other we wouldn’t even think of doing.
Cell Phone Safety Post

1.) Hand Signs
Any time that you are operating large equipment to move large loads around a job site, you should have a hand signaller on site. This hand signaller will help the operator to direct the equipment to the correct place, avoid collisions, and even avoid damage to the job site and/or load being moved.
Hand Signs Post

We hope that looking at the past year's most popular safety posts helped you with your workplace and workers. Keep an eye out for this year's #YHSafetyTips, as we will be continuing to post every Wednesday. If you have any suggestions on topics you would like to hear about tweet us (@YorkHoist) and let us know!

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