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Posted by Matt Bushey in #YHSafetyTips, Feb 08, 2017

Lifting materials with your own hands, sitting at a desk, and even vibrations from vehicles can be dangerous for your back. Proper safety measures in each situation can help save your back from a potential injury.

Back disorders can start from a microtrauma; they can even start from doing a certain task over & over again, or even from a single traumatic event.

Causes of Back Disorders
- Reaching while lifting
- Twisting while lifting
- Bending while lifting
- Maintaining bent postures
- Sitting with poor posture
- Poor design of work station
- Vibration from vehicles

Contributing Factors to Back Injuries
- Decreases in physical conditioning & exercise
- Defects of the spine
- Job dissatisfaction
- Increases of static standing or sitting tasks

Proper training for each job is important to help workers understand how to prevent workplace injuries. Once training is completed, follow ups and additional training is needed to keep the processes fresh in each employee’s mind.

Assessment of each job is critical to ensuring that back injuries do not happen. Take into consideration each of the causes listed above and find a solution if your workers do one or more of them.

Ergonomic Solutions
Use of ergonomic solutions can prevent back and other injuries. We offer turntables, stackers, and other combination solutions that will help increase production and save your employees backs! Ask your YorkHoist representative for a solution today!

Check back next week when we discuss Lockout/tag out! Did you miss last week's post on Workplace Sickness? If so, click here to read it.

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