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Posted by Ashley Bechtel in #YHSafetyTips, May 24, 2017

No matter what type of work you do, you have to face the fact that you can be injured. Even just sitting at a desk for 40 hours a week can result in injuries to your back and even to your wrists. This is where Ergonomics comes in to play.

What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics, by definition, is the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment. By studying peoples working environments you are able to come up with ways to make things easier for them. This can also reduce the risk of injury.

Examples of Ergonomics in the Workplace

  • Wrist pillows for your mouse and keyboard
  • Chairs with back supports
  • Container tilters and/or raisers to prevent employees from reaching to the floor
  • Pallet Lifters
  • Pivot Pro (view here)
  • Gorbel G-Force (view here)

Why should I consider ergonomics for my employees?

You should consider ergonomics for your employees for several reasons. The first, and most important, is safety. If you keep your employees safe and free from injury, this can also help reduce costs. Let’s consider an office with 5 employees. You can spend around $25–50 per employee ($125-$250 total) for ergonomic mouse pads and keyboard wrist rests. Now, let’s consider the same office where one employee gets carpal tunnel that is covered under a workman’s comp claim. The surgery alone can cost close to $3,000, on top of lost wages and lost production. This is more than 10 times the amount of preventing the injury.

Increased Productivity and Quality of Work produced

Efficiency is increased when an employee can use less exertion, fewer motions, and have better heights and motions. It can also help keep an employee from becoming frustrated or fatigued, which also leads to better productivity. If the task an employee is to complete is too taxing, they may not perform it properly and will result in injury.

Implementing Ergonomics Helps Your Employees be Safer

Showing your employees that you care about their long-term health and safety goes a long way for morale. It also helps your employees to think about how they can impact the safety of themselves and those around them.

Want to read more about the benefits of ergonomic working conditions? Check out ergo-plus.com’s article.

Check back next week when we discuss the proper techniques and practices for the heimlich.

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