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Posted by Ashley Bechtel in #YHSafetyTips, Oct 19, 2016

Fall protection is one of the most important pieces of equipment that your company can invest in. Your employees are your most important resource, and you need to protect them. You can start protecting your employees by following these simple guidelines:

Rails and Toe Boards:

  • -Every floor hole that a worker can accidentally fall into must be protected by a rail and toe board, or a floor hole cover
  • -Every floor or runway that is 4 ft or higher must be protected by a guardrail and toe board
  • -If your facility contains dangerous machines or equipment that a worker could accidentally fall into, it must be protected by a guardrail and toe board regardless of height

Safety Harnesses and Nets:

  • -Harnesses are required when a worker will be 6 ft or higher
  • -Nets are required when a worker will be 25 feet or higher, or when the use of other fall protection is impractical

In addition to the information listed above, OSHA requires that all employers:

  • -Provide working conditions that are free of known dangers
  • -Keep floors in work areas clean and sanitary condition
  • -Select and provide required personal protective equipment at no cost to workers
  • -Train workers about job hazards in a language they can understand

Management is required to follow these precautions about fall protection:

  • -Develop, implement, and commit to a fall protection program
  • -Provide adequate training to all employees about the fall protection program
  • -Evaluate the program to ensure its effectiveness
  • -Use proper construction and installation of safety systems
  • -Supervise employees to ensure they are using systems properly

It is better to prepare for a fall accident before one occurs at your facility.Failure to prepare for a fall accident will not only become extremely costly for your company, it also puts the safety and security of your employees at risk. Remember: for the price of one fall related accident, you could purchase 37 complete fall protection systems.

There are a lot of details about OSHA’s fall protection requirement, and we were not able to cover every aspect here. For more information, click here


Check back next week for our post about what is required and recommended for your first aid kits around different work areas.

If you missed last weeks post about proper use of lift tables, check it out here.

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