Who We Are


YorkHoist is a fast growing family owned and operated company which services thousands of customer throughout the United States. Started as a side business by Gerald Kurtz (Dick) and Charles May (Charley) in 1970, YorkHoist was known as Hoist & Crane Repair. At that time, both men were employed by ACCO Material Handling Solutions in York, Pennsylvania. In the evening and on the weekends, they would fix hoists and preform OSHA Inspections out of the May family's garage. Their side business eventually grew, and a year later they both left ACCO to commit their careers to their business.

The business has passed through the family and is currently owned by two of Charley's sons Mark and Kraig. Mark's son Walker currently serves as our Vice President of Operations while Kraig's daughter Kayla serves as our Corporate Office Manager. We are a family-owned, family-operated, family-values company, and strive to pass those values onto our employees, customers, and community.

Our current facilities include the York, PA Corporate Office, Williamsport, PA branch office, Chambersburg, PA branch office, Allentown, PA field office, and Glen Burnie, MD field office. Our expansive footprint allows us to efficiently service Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, and Delaware daily. In addition, we service many customers throughout the country with site contracts and parts/equipment sales.

In 2016 the family began to expand their reach and product offerings through the formation of HCRBrands, YorkHoist's parent organization. Through 2016 YorkHoist expanded product and service offerings allowing it to become a full service Material Handling and Safety Solutions provider. In addition, the financial and leadership backing offered by the formation of HCRBrands has allowed YorkHoist to invest heavily in R&D for "Internet of Things" (IoT) within the material handling and safety industries. These investments have allowed YorkHoist to become the most technically advanced Material Handling and Safety Solutions provider in the United States.



The Beginning

Founders Charles May and Gerald Kurtz start Hoist & Crane Repair part-time, while working for ACCO Material Handling Solutions.

March 1970

Full Time at Hoist & Crane Repair

​Charles and Gerald found fast success with their side business and began to outgrow their part time capabilities. Both Charles and Gerald left ACCO Material Handling Solutions and dedicated their career to HCR.

March 1971

Hoist & Crane Repair Becomes an Incorporated Business

Charles and Gerald incorporated Hoist & Crane Repair on March 24, 1975. Setting in motion the immense success the family shares today.

March 1975
Why YorkHoist

Second Generation Joins Hoist & Crane Repair

Charles son Mark (current Owner and CEO) joins Hoist & Crane Repair as a Service Technician.

December 1978
Why YorkHoist

Increasing Workforce

Hoist & Crane Repair hires its first non-family member employee. The workforce has continued to expand ever since.

December 1979
Why YorkHoist

Second Generation Joins Hoist & Crane Repair

Charles son Kraig (current Owner and President) joins Hoist & Crane Repair as a Service Technician.

September 1983

Founder Charles May Passes Away

After a long and hard fought battle with Lung Cancer, Charles May passes away. Charles's contributions to the company, family, and community will never be forgotten.

March 1996
Why YorkHoist

Mark May Changes Roles

Mark May leaves his position as Service Technician and takes over Charles's role managing the office.

November 1996

First Major Expansion

Hoist & Crane Repair experiences great growth through the end of 1999. The first major expansion is commenced, and the second floor is added to the York, PA office.

December 1999

Online Presence Begins

Hoist & Crane Repair begins its online presence and launches it first comprehensive website.

May 2001

Mark and Kraig Purchase Hoist & Crane Repair

Mark and Kraig May purchase Hoist & Crane Repair from Gerald Kurtz. Mark takes the role as CEO and Kraig as President.

March 2002
Why YorkHoist

Third Generation Joins Hoist & Crane Repair

Marks son Walker May (current Vice President of Operations) starts working for Hoist & Crane Repair as an Inside Sales Representative.

June 2010

Hoist & Crane Repair Brands New Logo

Hoist & Crane Repair begins using the "HCR" logo on its vehicles, clothing, and print material.

February 2013

MyHCR Customer Portal Launches

Hoist & Crane Repair launches its industry leading MyHCR Customer Portal and Inspection System. The inspection and service process is forever changed.

June 2013

Williamsport, PA Location Opens

Hoist & Crane Repair opens its second location in Williamsport, PA in the Reach Road industrial park. This expansion allowed Hoist & Crane Repair to better service new and existing customers in Northern Pennsylvania and New York.

May 2014

Williamsport, PA Location Moves

Hoist & Crane Repair finds fast success in the Williamsport, PA area. Hoist & Crane Repair relocates its Williamsport, PA location to a larger facility on Lycoming Creek Road.

August 2015

Feature on Manufacturing Marvels

Hoist & Crane Repair is featured in the national spot light. Manufacturing Marvels filmed a segment at HCR's corporate office.

November 2015
Why YorkHoist

Third Generation Joins Hoist & Crane Repair

Kraig's daughter Kayla Steele (May) (current Corporate Office Manager) starts working for Hoist & Crane Repair as a Staff Accountant.

November 2015
Why YorkHoist

Tom Robinson Joins Hoist & Crane Repair

​Tom Robinson joins Hoist & Crane Repair as the Vice President of Business Development. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Tom is a valuable addition to the sales team.

December 2015

​Re-branded as YorkHoist

Hoist & Crane Repair begins doing business as YorkHoist. The companies image is completely redesigned from the ground up.

January 2016

Chambersburg, PA Location Opens

YorkHoist opens its third location in Chambersburg, PA in the Orchard Industrial Park. This expansion allows YorkHoist to better service new and existing customers in South Western Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.

February 2016
Why YorkHoist

YorkHoist Expands Territory Sales

YorkHoist expands its Territory Sales team, allowing the company to provide unmatched customer service.

February 2016
Why YorkHoist

Walker is Promoted

Walker is promoted to the position of Vice President of Operations. As the VP of Operations Walker will focus his time on strategic growth through product and service diversification, expansions, and acquisitions.

April 2016

New Product Lines

YorkHoist expands its product offerings to includes Floor Material Handling, Material Storage, and Safety Solutions. This diversification allows YorkHoist to better service new and existing customers.

May 2016

MyHCR 2.0 Launches

YorkHoist launches its comprehensive redesign of MyHCR. The industry leading customer portal is enhanced with new reports, increased tracking abilities, and a fresh new user interface.

June 2016

Allentown, PA Field Office Opens

YorkHoist establishes its fourth location in Allentown, PA. This field office allows us to better service new and existing customers in New Jersey and New York.

August 2016

Glen Burnie, MD Field Office Opens

YorkHoist establishes its fifth location in Glen Burnie, MD. This field office allows us to better service new and existing customers in Maryland, Delaware, and Washington, DC.

September 2016

New Website Launches

YorkHoist launches its completely redesigned desktop and mobile website, YorkHoist.com. New features include an improved navigation and overall design.

January 2017

Opening of Manufacturing Facility

YorkHoist establishes its sixth location and first manufacturing facility in York, PA. The manufacturing facility houses the YorkHoist service team and allows YorkHoist to build custom cranes designed to fit the unique needs and application of each customer.

April 2019

MyHCR 3.0.0 Launches

The latest version of MyHCR includes a redesigned interface, comprehensive dashboard, streamlined navigation and updated inspection reports. It is now easier than ever to track assets, inspections, load tests, schedules, and more.

June 2019

Corporate Responsibility Statement

YorkHoist strives to be "a company that betters the communities in which we live and work". From supporting local charities, emergency responders, schools, and sports teams, to the sustainable production of our products and services it is our goal to impact society in the most positive ways possible.

Respect for Individuals: YorkHoist values the relationships with its employees, customers, and vendors. These relationships are guided by our focus on "Family Owned, Family Operated, Family Values". From its conception this company has had that same philosophy. Working as a family and treating others like family allows our company to have an extremely strong bond with one another. We are committed to ensuring that all employees, customers, and vendors are treated with dignity and respect at all times.

Corporate Ethics and Compliance: Trust is critical for the success of any business, large or small. We have worked to build long standing relationships with our clients and vendors for over 40 years. Through these relationships YorkHoist built the trusted brand that it has today. To ensure the continued success of this company, and the trust that it has built, it is the core responsibility of all employees to conduct business in a truthful and ethical manner at all times.

Environmental Responsibilities: Our company's commitment to the environment is evident in our everyday process. From the reduction of day-to-day waste, to the recycling of all metal and plastic materials YorkHoist works to continually become a more "green" company. We believe that the steps we take now will help ensure the success of our future generations.

Community Involvement: Our company recognizes the greater responsibility to help the community whenever possible. From supporting local schools, churches, charities, and sports teams through charitable donations, to providing free inspections and other discounts to fire and police departments. It is our duty as a responsible company to "better the communities in which we live and work" on a daily basis.

Our HCRBrands Customer Guarantee

We value each and every customer, large or small. All of our customers are backed by the HCRBrands Customer Guarantee. Our goal is to build a long-lasting relationship with you and your company by providing high-quality services, industry-leading technology, and unmatched customer experience. All while guaranteeing the lowest possible price companed to our closest competitors.

Verified ISN Contractor

YorkHoist is a proud contractor member of ISN and we believe in holding ourselves to the highest safety and quality standard that we can. With YorkHoist being a verified ISN contractor, you have the assurance in knowing you will be working with a contractor that specializes in safety and is dedicated to building a lasting relationship that is predicated on honest and fair work. Contact us today and see what services and quality products we can provide you.​

Why YorkHoist? The Answer is Simple.

Family Owned Since 1975
Industry Leading Technology
Unmatched Liability Coverage
Best Price Guarantee
No Contracts Required
World Class Support Team
Fast, Same Day Service
Complete Solutions Provider